A professional videographer may start their career with a small, handheld camera (when they were young) but the professional videographer you need to fulfill your business or personal needs is one that is skilled in the latest digital imaging, video editing and has an eye for the unique, little noticed or moment that makes your finished product scream success, makes you cry or carries you through to that upcoming scholarship.

Kasunic Video Services is that professional service and production company your wedding, scholarship opportunity or business requires.  You can count on a friendly and caring atmosphere.  We will take the time to sit down with you and determine how we can meet your individual needs.


kasunic video Media Restoration

Back in the day your mom and dad or maybe grandma and grandpa had the old home movies that you would pull out the old reel to reel projector and talk about the memories. With the professional training and equipment we have, we can help you preserve those memories and transfer them onto todays technology.

Kasunic Video can take the old reel to reel video, slides, VHS tapes or even broken tapes and carefully restore and transfer those images before they are lost into a masterfully created DVD to share with your children and theirs.


Interested in Sports Scholarship Videos? Check out these samples...

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